Revolutionizing the camera support system landscape

Agito Robotic RC Systems are emerging as the frontrunners in the industry. Agito packages boast versatile configurations, featuring towers that pedestal up and down, as well as low-slung setups close to the ground. What sets the Agito apart is its dynamic adaptability – it can be configured trackless for unrestricted movement or set on tracks, mirroring a traditional dolly, all seamlessly operated via remote control.

Paired seamlessly with Shotover heads or other gimbals, these cutting-edge units are reshaping the way we capture moments. With Agito Robotic RC Systems, the cameraman operates seamlessly behind the scenes, ensuring the focus remains solely on the stars without their presence in the shot. With Agito systems at MLS sidelines, NBA courtsides, major concerts, and red carpet shows, they establish a new standard in precision and flexibility. Elevate your visual storytelling with the game-changing technology of Jib Tek’s Agito – where innovation meets unparalleled performance.