Robotic Heads

Jib Tek has a large footprint when it comes to robotics, and can get high-end equipment and operators on everything from professional sporting events to corporate events.

Robotic cameras are being used more and more in broadcast production. With modern super accurate motors and motion control, as well as the unique ability to get into places that could be dangerous or too small for an operator to be in, Robotic cameras are the future.

Stanton Mini

The Stanton Mini head is the original go to for broadcast robotic heads. It’s size allows larger camera packages and setups to be fully automated from an operator in a booth.

Talon / Talon Micro

The Talon and Talon Micro are great for smaller profiles and still carry a robust payload. Jib Tek has been involved with Talon heads from the beginning and offers a large selection of units to use on any number of events.