Custom Camera Builds

Jib Tek takes great pride and pleasure in designing and manufacturing custom camera support equipment, custom crane parts, and gimbal adapters for the modern and modular camera world. Our products are conceived on set out of necessity and built to rigid standard and precise specifications in order to meet the creative & technical demands of todays filmmaker. We maintain these principles throughout our design and manufacturing processes, no matter the scope of the project.

Custom Camera Builds

Jib Tek is regularly engaged with by Major League sports to create new looks and custom cameras and shots.

With success in bringing Shallow Depth, Cinematic looks to Broadcast, Jib Tek keeps on the cutting edge by thinking outside of the box. New looks like the Shallow Depth Ankle Cams seen in the 2023 NHL Winter Classic and custom builds showcasing the ability to broadcast live from phones, like the Shaq Cam seen at the 2023 NBA All-Star Game, Jib Tek can help bring your craziest shot ideas to life!

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