Jib Arms

Jib Arms and cranes have been an industry standard since the early days of the movie business for creating stunning vistas, sweeping shots and any crane shot that is needed.

Jib Tek’s inventory is stocked with the most versatile jib arms in the business from manufacturers like Cammate & Jimmy Jib. We operate our jibs with the philosophy of delivering the highest quality shots, no matter how remote or demanding the location.

Short Reach Packages

Lens heights between 6’ to 24′. These camera crane packages are designed with compact features and travel logistics in mind and work well with all broadcast & film camera systems. Studio, field, or mobile platforms are available for easy repositioning on a variety of surfaces.

Long Reach Packages

Lens heights between 8’ to 50′. These camera crane packages are constructed of rigid and reinforced extruded aluminum and designed for maximum reach and load capacities of up to 55lbs at full stick. Broadcast or film camera system ready. Heavy-duty dolly with Pneumatic rubber wheels for interior or exterior use.