Rail Cams

Rail camera systems are a great way to add speed and mobility to any shot that requires tracking and dolly shots upon a fixed plane.

Rail cams can be mounted on any axis, can be hung from ceilings, or mounted vertically, creating all kinds of options when looking for the next great shot.

Aurora Sky Dolly

The sky dolly is a great way to cover events from above, with the ability to track across ceilings, the sky dolly can provide looks that aren’t seen by spectators at the venue, but create great dynamic shots for concerts and events.

Speed Cam Dolly

As seen in MLB, Jib Tek’s speed cam can track the fast plays up and down the baselines or create motion shots that reveal the park from a players perspective. Jib Tek’s speed cam can also be used in greyhound racing, horse racing, and car racing as the rail motors offer super fast speeds to track the action!