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Whether the camera floats across the sky establishing an opening scene in a feature film, skims the mullets of crazed fans at a rock concert, or glides effortlessly through a crowded sidewalk during a commercial, JIB TEK has the camera support system to meet all your productions needs.  JIB TEK is a leading supplier of motion control camera platforms like camera cranes, gimbaled sleds, dollies, and ATV's for the FILM, TV, and MUSIC production industries.  JIB TEK rents and operates these specialty camera support systems in locations around the globe, from exotic beaches to sound stages, JIB TEK has the right application for your production.  JIB TEK camera support systems are easily adapted for acquisition of content in super 16mm film, beta, DV CAM, and HD formats.   JIB TEK takes extreme pride in turning your vision into a reality. 

JIB TEK's high standards of quality control guarentees the constant maintenance of all mechanical and electrical systems within each piece of equipment.  This level of dedication helps to assure producers that every camera support system that leaves our facility, does so in perfect working order.  In the worlds of live and theatrical production the term "Hurry Up & Wait" won't apply to a JIB TEK Product. 

JIB TEK camera support systems and motion control platforms can be found on productions ranging from Live Sporting Events, Music Concerts, Corporate Parties, to Reality and Episodic TV shows, Commercials, and Feature Films.  The next time your production needs high quality aerial shots or fluid camera movements on the ground, contact JIB TEK and we'll make sure every angle is covered. 

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